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About Keneco

Keneco is your local African owned source for all your environmental water and wastewater treatment needs. We are a division of Ecologix Environmental Systems, USA so have the full backing of a global corporation to handle projects of any scale. Water scarcity coupled with ever-stringent environmental regulations is placing pressure on policymakers to develop more rigid water quality standards. At Keneco we want to be your partner in this process from design to deployment.


Project Planning & ExecutionKeneco Project Execution Methodology

At Keneco we’re not just thinking outside the box, we like to think we’re revolutionizing the way the box works! We believe the best way to make real technological advances is with a “closed loop” mentality, one where each phase in a treatment process is scrutinized and refined; which refinements allow for greater potential in wastewater mining, reclamation, and reuse, rather than choosing to simply discard this precious resource.

This kind of forward thinking can be found in all Keneco products, like the Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR); a stand alone biological treatment system engineered to clean and reuse millions of gallons of wastewater in the industrial and municipal applications.More Please

For more than a decade Keneco has developed, engineered and manufactured water and wastewater solutions for companies around the world.  Our goal extends beyond innovation, beyond technology, beyond engineering; at our core is the vision of why we started this business in the first place - we can make a difference - Not because we have to, but because we should.

Project Planning & Execution

Keneco has mastered the delivery of solutions by developing a unique method to identify and accomodate project-specific data. This process organizes and integrates design and manufacturing of wastewater treatment projects, from inception to start-up.
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