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Industrial plants must often contend with metals-laden water that is unpleasant for consumption, harmful to plant piping and equipment, and exceeds environmental regulations. Keneco offers wastewater treatment solutions that solve these problems and allow your facility to operate unhindered.

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Metal Treatment Process

As metals enter the treatment process, they are in a stable, dissolved form and without further intervention are unable to form solids desired for easy removal. Keneco designs efficient systems that handle every step of the removal process. Metals Treatment Process

An overview of the process would involve the following steps:

  • Adjusting the pH of the wastewater so that the metals will form insoluble precipitates.
  • Introduction of a coagulant into a mixing tank to facilitate the collision of the metal particles to form larger particles or flocs.
  • Adding a flocculant finally in the form of a polymer will further bind the particles into larger clumps which will then be allowed to settle in sedimentation tanks for collection/removal.
  • Water exiting the sedimentation tank can then be filtered to catch particles that were too small (or limited by time) to settle in the sedimentation tank. Filtration systems used may contain sand or activated carbon as an example.
  • The filtration systems will routinely require backwashing to prevent clogging. The water flow is then reversed during backwashing and this water will be sent back to the mixing tanks in stage 1.
  • Sludge treatment will be used at the sedimentation stage which would include dewatering to remove excess water. This water may also be sent back to the initial mixing tank for processing.




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