Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry

From oil fields to shale and tight gas exploration activities, Keneco provides comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions to meet compliance standards. As your treatment requirements become more complex, so does selecting the right treatment solution. Whether you need a combination of water treatment products, a mobile treatment system, or a complete treatment plant, Keneco can assure you’re provided the right equipment for the job, designed to meet the specific challenge at hand.

Keneco Oil & Gas Industry Systems: ITS | V-Series | LC-Series | TC-Series


Frac Wastewater Treatment Process

Keneco's Integrated Treatment System (ITS) mobile wastewater treatment system eliminates costly storage and transport of produced or flowback water by treatment on-site. The ITS includes temperature controlled chemical mixing, dissolved air flotation, clarification and integrated PLC control systems. These reliable mobile technologies, backed by experienced personnel, are easily deployed for immediate on-site treatment to improve your operation. Our mobile flotation systems float solids, oils and other contaminates to the surface of liquids. Once on the surface, these contaminates are skimmed off and removed from the clean water phase. The 900 GPM ITS mobile flotation system is a complete mobile solution, engineered specifically with hydraulic fracking wastewater treatment at its core.


Integrated treatment System ITS

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