Petrochemical Industry Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Petrochemical Industry

Keneco provides comprehensive wastewater treatment technologies and services specifically for the petrochemical industry. When dealing with high loadings of free and emulsified oils or dissolved metals and hydrocarbons, determining the most efficient and economic treatment system is key. Whether you need a combination of wastewater treatment products, a mobile treatment system, or a complete treatment plant, Keneco has the experience and expertise to assure you’re provided the right equipment for the job, designed to meet the specific challenge at hand.

Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR)

When used with domestic wastewater, MBR processes produce effluent of high enough quality to be discharged to coastal, brackish, or surface waterways, or to be reclaimed for urban irrigation. Keneco MBR systems are effective solutions for treating a variety of industrial waste streams.More Please



AN+ Anaerobic Digester

In anaerobic digestion microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. The Keneco AN+ Anaerobic Digestor design effectively turns wastewater into green energy, power, and heat with extremely high efficiency, creating reliable, sustainable, and repeatable results in biological wastewater treatment.More Please

MBRLamella Clarifier
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