Wastewater Pre Treatment


Pre-treatment removes materials that can be easily collected from raw wastewater before it damages or clogs pumps and skimmers of primary treatment clarifiers. Keneco offers an extensive line of pre-treatment solutions made to extend the life of your wastewater treatment solution.See our products below, or call us for assistance in selecting the pre-treatment solution fit for your project needs.


Keneco provides industrial grade filter screens for a wide array of applications. Whether you’re separating feathers and grit in the poultry industry or bottles and bags from municipal waste streams, Keneco can deliver the appropriate screening equipment for your needs. More Please






Oil/Water Separators

Oil water separators are an efficient method of treatment in a variety of industrial and municipal applications. Removing anything from vegetable oil to diesel fuel, our oil water separators are versatile and reliable in providing the treatment you need. More Please

Pre treatment screens Oil Water Separator
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