Wastewater Primary Treatment

Primary Treatment

Primary treatment involves the physical separation of suspended solids and the reduction of biological oxygen demand (BOD) from a waste stream. Keneco offers a unique line up of primary treatment products suitable for any industry or environment. Our cutting-edge technologies and vast experience ensure you receive the solution that best suits your project needs.

V-Series Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems

Keneco V-Series Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems are highly efficient at removing suspended solids and other contaminants from wastewater. Our revolutionary V-shaped design and systems integration help remove up to 99% of TSS/FOG and 75% of BOD loadings. Keneco DAF systems are skid mounted, pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and easy to install. Our proprietary design produces an unsurpassed dissolved oxygen-to-solids ratio and clarifies polluted water with unmatched performance.More Please





LC/TC Series Clarifiers

Keneco TC Series Tube Clarifiers are efficient solutions for removing heavy metals, ink and other heavy contaminants from wastewater. LC Series Clarifiers dramatically reduce the footprint of traditional clarifiers and maximize particle settling by the use of inclined lamella parallel plates and tube settlers to increase the settling surface area.  From laboratory size to industrial dimensions and typically made of coated or stainless steel, Keneco Clarifiers can be manufactured to fit in any space and provide the treatment you need. More Please

Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Tube Clarifier
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