Wastewater Secondary Treatment

Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment is designed to substantially degrade the biological content of a waste stream. Ecologix offers a unique line of biological processes that conserve space and energy, while dramatically reducing operation costs. From large-scale biological reactor systems to mobile, modular jet aeration solutions, Ecologix can provide the secondary treatment solution to fit your project needs.


Perfect for the needs of smaller populations, communities, camps, resorts & similar sized applications, the Zeo-Clear containerized biological wastewater treatment solution offers incredible opportunities for improvement and cost savings in both new and existing treatment plants. The Zeo-Clear system offers both secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment together in one stage with the dosing of selected natural zeolites. This new solution provides outstanding results in quality and cost savings.More Please


The Ecologix Bio-Clear system provides a modular approach to the treatment of wastewater. It’s compact design, ease of operation, and exceptional track record deliver extraordinary results – all packaged together in a system suited for any biological treatment application.More Please






Integrated Bio Reactor (IBR)

The Integrated Bio Reactor (IBR) is the next generation in wastewater treatment. Suitable for new plants or retrofitting an existing plant, the IBR outweighs the competition by lowering capital and O/M costs, demanding a smaller footprint (containerized), faster installation, integrated wireless remote monitoring and control.More Please

Zeo Clear Containerized Biological TreatmentBio Clear Biological Treatment SystemIntegrated Bio Reactor Biological Treatment
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