Bio-Clear Biological Treatment System


The Keneco Bio-Clear utilizes an extended aeration principle and functions by creating an environment with sufficient oxygen levels and agitation to allow for bio-oxidation of the wastes to suitable levels for discharge. The Bio-Clear system provides a modular approach to the treatment of wastewater. It’s compact design, ease of operation, and exceptional track record deliver extraordinary results – all packaged together in a system suited for any biological treatment application.
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Bio Clear Biological Treatment Process

System Overview

The Bio-Clear is a pre-engineered, prefabricated system for treating domestic wastewater with an aerobic process. Systems are typically sized according to flow rate, and often require a fraction of the space needed by conventional biological treatment systems. Our modular approach with this system provides the user with a compact, easy to operate, and cost effective solution. This packaged system has an exceptional track record as an efficient method of wastewater treatment.



  • EQ Tank
  • Sludge Holding Tank
  • Aeration Chamber
  • Clarifier
  • Clear well
  • Tertiary Filter
  • Disinfection


  • Pre-engineered, prefabricated structures lower costs
  • Installed and operational in one week
  • TSS and BOD levels reduced to < 10 mg/L
  • Remote monitoring
  • Low and high flow applications

Bio Clear Biological Treatment System

Bio-Clear Biological Treatment System

System Overview

The Bio-Clear packaged wastewater treatment system utilizes an extended aeration principal of operation which is a variation of the activated sludge process. This system functions by creating an environment with sufficient oxygen levels and agitation to allow for bio-oxidation of the wastes to suitable levels for discharge. The packaged wastewater treatment system utilizes a multi-step treatment process to achieve the desired final discharge requirements. The treatment systems consist of comminution, screening, diffused aeration, clarification, sludge recirculation, sludge digestion, disinfection, and filtration. Pre-engineered modular components such as diffused air blowers, aeration tanks, sludge holding tanks, clarifiers, and disinfection units allow for the package plants to be sized specifically for the customer's application. They can be designed to handle a variety of influent flows and BOD loadings, as well as meet a myriad of mandated discharge parameters.

The influent wastewater enters the package plant by passing through a comminutor and bar screen for gross solids removal. This step provides for the mechanical reduction of solids prior to aeration. Once the wastewater has entered the aeration chamber, the untreated flow is mixed with an active biomass in a rolling action which takes place the length and width of the chamber in a slow forward progression. This rolling mixing action is the result of air originating from diffusers located along one side of the wall and bottom of the tank. This insures that adequate mixing is maintained in the tank. The chambers are filleted on each side and the bottom to assure and enhance the rolling motion of the water and eliminates any "dead zones" in the tank. This design feature also minimizes the accumulation of scum and froth in the aeration tank. The oxygen transfer achieved with the diffused air passing through the wastewater coupled with the rolling action provides a sufficient oxygen supply to allow microorganisms to oxidize treatable wastewater into carbon dioxide, water, and a stable sludge.

Bio-Clear System Specifications
Model Operating
Capacity (GPD)
Dimensions Flow EQ Sludge Holding

Aeration Tank

Clarifier Shipping Weight
BC-3-ES 3000 9'6"H x 8'W x 16'L 2'6" 2' 7' 4'6" 5900
BC-5-ES 5000 9'6"H x 8'W x 21'6"L 3'6" 2'6" 11' 4'6" 7900
BC-7-ES 7000 10'H x 10'W x 23'3"L 3'9" 2'6" 11'6" 5'6" 9800
BC-10-ES 10000 11'H x 10'W x 28'3"L 5' 2'6" 14'9" 6' 12400
BC-12-ES 12000 11'H x 10'W x 33'6"L 6' 2'6" 17'9" 7'3" 14100
BC-15-ES 15000 11'H x 10'W x 41'3"L 7'3" 3'6" 22' 8'6" 16000
BC-18-ES 18000 11'H x 11'W x 40'L 7'9" 3'9" 23'6" 5'6" 17900
BC-20-ES 20000 11'H x 12'W x 42'6"L 8'3" 3'9" 24'6" 6' 18900
BC-25-ES 25000 11'H x 12'W x 51'6"L 10' 4'6" 30' 7' 23500
BC-30-ES 30000 11'H x 12'W x 61'6"L 12' 5'6" 36' 8' 27500
BC-35-ES 35000 11'H x 12'W x 71'6"L 13'9" 6'6" 41'9" 10' 34400
BC-50-ES 50000 11'H x 12'W x 99'L 20' 9' 60' 10' 43600
BC-60-ES 60000 11'H x 24'W x 65'6"L 12' 5'6" 36' 12' 56000
BC-75-ES 75000 11'H x 24'W x 78'6"L 15' 6'6" 45' 12' 71800
BC-90-ES 90000 11'H x 24'W x 92'L 18' 8' 54' 12' 80800
BC-100-ES 100000 11'H x 24'W x 101'L 20' 9' 60' 12' 87000

Bio Clear System

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