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Clarifiers are a highly efficient in removing heavy metals, ink and other heavy contaminants from wastewater. Flocculation refers to the process by which fine particulates are caused to clump together into floc. The floc may then float to the top of the liquid, settle to the bottom of the liquid, or can be readily filtered from the liquid. Flocculation is widely used and applicable in sewage treatment systems, storm water treatment and treatment of other industrial wastewater streams as well as purification of drinking water.

lamella type clarifier

tube clarifier

LC-Series Lamella-Type Clarifiers

TC-Series Tube Clarifiers

We build two types of clarifiers, lamella plate type clarifiers and tube settler clarifiers. Lamella type clarifiers work very efficiently when you need a clarifier that will occupy less floor space. Our smaller footprint is due to our ability to increase the length of the internal plates (within a reasonable range) to in turn increase the maximum flow rate the clarifier will be able to process.

As you reach higher flow rates (>200 GPM), however, increasing the height of the plates starts to make the cost of the other components connected to the clarifier, such as additional pumps and equipment stands, prohibitive. For this reason, we developed our tube settlers line. With our tube settler models we are able to lower the height of the clarifier while still achieving maximum particle settling due to the larger surface area the tube design offers.

All of our clarifier models are designed for equal flow distribution between plates and tubes and a minimum reynolds number so that there is no wasted surface area. In addition the hydraulics are optimized for rapid settling of particles. The design of the effluent flumes prevent unwanted particles that tend to float from getting into the discharged water and ensure an even flow of water between the plates or tubes.

The majority of our clarifiers feature an integrated rapid mix tank as well as a floc tank, eliminating the need to buy these tanks separately. This also provides the added benefit of a dramatically simpler installation process. Our designs ensure proper mixing so that the chemical coagulants can be used effectively and without waste. The low shear mixers on the floc tanks help mix the coagulants without breaking the floc.

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