lamella plate pack

Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a water treatment process that clarifies wastewater through the removal of suspended matter such as oil, greases or solids. Removal is achieved by injecting pressurized air into the wastewater where micro-bubbles then interact with the suspended solid particles. This interaction causes these particles to float to the surface of the DAF where they are then skimmed and separated.

lamella type clarifier

ace air charged entrainment


Air Charged Entrainment (ACE)

Uniquely designed DAF system with integrated sludge auger, whitewater pump and sludge skimmers Revolutionary air delivery technology that accelerates
aeration and separation

integrated treatment system

boltex daf

Integrated Treatment System (ITS)


All-in-one, mobile treatment system perfect for treatment
on the go
Bolted, steel flotation vessel built with expansion capabilities

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